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Segway advanced user training

Segway advanced user training

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Segway advanced user training



Segway® instructors from Wheels and Ways are eligible to issue Segway® training certificates. See the authorization of Florian and Emmanuel.

To take the exam, you must:– Have segway user level

Subscribe to a 2,5hour tour

– Successfully complete the exercises

  • Master the Segway® User training exercises
  • Mark a controlled stop at a speed of 20 km/h with powerful braking and reflexive braking
  • On an inclined plane and perpendicular to the slope line, start the Segway and climb the slope
  • Climb and descend an inclined plane (> 30 °) while executing 6 left-hand turns and 6 right-hand turns
  • Adjust the height of the handlebar
  • Driving on a slope
  • Never accelerate downhill
  • Use the “balance mode” to move up/down stairs or a sidewalk
  • Starting and turning off a Segway® using the InfoKey™ device
  • Switch from “standby” to “balance mode” and know how to read the console light indicators.
  • Ensure that the Segway® is in “balance mode” and that the battery is sufficiently charged to mount the Segway®.
  • Always recharge the Segway® after use and never leave it plugged in for more than 7 days. If the battery level is less than two bars, recharge the Segway® within 24 hours.

Segway User and Segway Advanced User training can not be booked separately from a Segway ride.

Our trainings take place whatever the weather (and we put at your disposal ponchos or gloves if necessary!).

Do you want to privatize the training ? Do not hesitate to contact us

Segway Advanced User graduation

Our Segway instructor issues you a diploma if you successfully pass the training.

Our tutos !

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