Street Art Tour in Paris by Segway

An open-air museum, Street Art will have no more secrets for you!

During the PARIS 24 Olympic Games, discover Paris in a different way, away from the crowds of the games, by familiarizing yourself with the places where the locals live.

You will discover the streets of the authentic 13th districts trough the works of international street artists.

With our Street Art Segway Tour of more than 8km, you will discover the 13th arrondissement of Paris and more than 30 murals. C215, Seth, Obey (Shepard Fairey), the Street Art Galleries (Itinerrance and Lavomatik) and the various techniques of street artists will no longer be secret for you. Naturally, many photo stops are planned.

Tip: book at least 24 hours before to take advantage of the lowest Segway prices (59€/adult and 39€/14-17 year olds).

An open-air museum, Street Art will have no more secrets for you!

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The tour in details

About your Paris Street Art Segway tour (extracts)

Segway training: the explanations of our instructors will allow you to quickly be comfortable on your Segway. After 15 minutes, we are off for a guided tour in THE Street Art district of Paris!

We begin with two Street Art emblematic places of Paris:

1) the Itinerrance Gallery which, along with the MathGoth Gallery, is at the origin of the majority of the murals in the district

2) Lavo // matik, an unclassifiable place, touching everything closed to Urban Arts (bookstore, shop, record store, exhibition place …), terribly lively and warm!

Next to the frescoes bordering the Itinerrance Gallery and the Lavo // matik, we will make a quick summary of the origins of Street Art, the techniques used and the main stakeholders in the Parisian Street Art culture (see below: “creation of a mural “).

We continue with a work by the Portuguese artist Bordalo II. This Microcebus lemur, an endangered animal species, was produced in 2018 from waste, in parallel with Paris COP21 on climate.

Further on, you admire a collaboration between two French artists Stoul and Doudou Style as well as a work by Jo Di Bona mixing several techniques.

After taking the air, literally, ;-), on the Simone de Beauvoir footbridge (from where you will appreciate the National Library of France) we arrive at Boulevard Vincent Auriol where a concentrate of murals awaits you. The Peace Tower by Tristan Eaton (who started his career as a toy designer at Fisher Price!), One of Invader‘s largest mosaics, the Pop Art works by Londoner D * Face, Shepard Fairey aka Obey and many others.

Let’s go to Rue du Château des rentiers where the work of Vhils (Lisbon artist) made with explosives and chisels surprise you!

List of Street Artists

More than 26 Street artists and 30 frescoes await you during your Street Art stroll (updated on March, 2020): RoaBordalo II – Stoul et Doudou Style – Jo Di Bona – Tristan Eaton – Invader – David de la ManoMayeIntiConor HarringtonPantonioB ToyJorge Rodriguez-Gerada – D * Face – FayleSethC215 – Shepard Fairey aka Obey – HownosmHush – Vhils – OkudaRekaGZUPA2


Creation of a mural (in Paris)

A generally blind wall (without window) is identified by a gallery (Itinerrance or MathGoth) which then approaches the lessor to offer him a graphic embellishment. If the lessor agrees, different artistic projects are submitted to him as well as to the inhabitants of the building. Once validated, the logistics necessary for the project (nacelles, liters of acrylic, bombs, etc.) are generally paid by the gallery. The whole is made possible by the support and involvement of the town hall of the 13th district associated with each stage of the project.

Privatize your Segway Tour

You can privatize your Street Art Segway Tour on the day and time of your choice. Package of 316€ (4 persons minimum) then 79€ per additional person.

The privatization of your ride is necessary for any participant from 12 to 13 years old.

  • Step 1 : Contact us at +33 7 66 89 27 49 or by our contact form.
  • Step 2 : We check together the availabilities and open a slot for your group.
  • Step 3 : We send you a link to finalize the reservation.

Street Art tools and techniques

Street Art tools and techniques (non-exhaustive summary by Florian, co-founder of Wheels and Ways)

The spray paint and the marker: these are the main tools of the street artist. They have allowed the rise of graffiti by the tag and are therefore inseparable from Street Art. The work is produced 100% on site (not taking into account the design work done upstream by the artist)

The stencil: the layer(s) (which will be used to make the work) are prepared in advance in the workshop. The stencil allows the visual to be executed on site more quickly and also to reproduce it. This technique can be compared to screen printing (widely used by Andy Warhol in pop art). With the stencil, part of the production of the work goes from the street to the artist’s studio.

The poster: the work (or the support of the work) is produced entirely in the workshop and is, of course, reproducible. The poster allows speed of execution on site (which is appreciable on winter nights …) but also to reach places that are difficult to access. Note that its ephemeral nature makes a fine for poster collage much less expensive than a fine for graffiti!

Bas-reliefs: like the pixel ceramic figures of Invader, the heart of A2, the octopuses of GZUP, are also entirely produced in the workshop. These bas-reliefs are glued and therefore have the same advantages as the poster except for its reproducible side.

The sticker: the latter is designed / produced in the workshop. Many artists, like Obey, started with this medium.

Mix of techniques: some artists do not hesitate to mix several techniques. For example, the productions of Jo Di Bona superimpose a painted background of colored tints and a black and white photo on the entire work. The latter is then torn to reveal a contrast giving all its strength to the work.


Other techniques: work with explosives (Vihls, one of whose works can be seen on the Street Art Segway tour), relief compositions of waste and paint from Bordalo II, chalk work by Jibé …

Where to see Banksy in Paris?

A dozen works by the British artist Banksy are scattered throughout the capital (Click on the image to see the location of the work in Paris).

Banksy’s works in Paris (continued):

The rat and its newspaper – 13 rue de Beaubourg, 75004

Rat wearing Minnie’s knot – 25 rue Maître Albert, 75005

Rat wearing Minnie’s knot – 9 Passage de la Main d Or, 75011

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