Safety and security during Segway tours


A Segway® is a self-stabilized single-person electric vehicle. It is part of the family of motorized personal displacement devices (EDP), and the latter are subject to the same liability insurance obligation as motor vehicles such as motorcycles or cars. See wheels and ways insurance certificate.

As part of our guided tours, the wearing of the helmet is obligatory and the user must be 14 years minimum if accompanied by an adult (and 16 years if he is alone). This is a recommendation of Segway France

In addition, the user must weigh at least 45kg and a maximum of 118kg and must be able to climb and descend the Segway® without assistance, which corresponds to the ability to climb and descend a staircase without the use of a ramp or assistance Any. The use of a Segway® is not recommended for pregnant women.

Customer’s duty

Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Have read the 18 points of the code of conduct in Segway® and respect them during the visit. Follow the instructions of your instructor guide during the ride.

Your rights as a customer

Before each Segway® ride, a 25 minutes training session is provided by our instructor guides. This training consists of a phase of collective briefing (operation of the device, rules of good conduct…) and a phase of individual exercises on a training area.

If, at the end of this training and before going on guided ride, you do not feel comfortable on the Segway®, you have a right of withdrawal. Your registration fee will be, of course, fully refunded.

Wheels and ways’s duty

We may stop the ride of any customer not complying with the code of the good conduct of the use of a Segway®. No reimbursement of registration fees will be made

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