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The team – Our segway specialist and guides in Paris

The team – Our segway specialist and guides in Paris


41 years old, it is the expert of the Segway® ! For 12 years, Florian has been working in communication, event and tourism activities. At the end of 2018, with his experience, he decided to launch his own structure dedicated to tourism and the organisation of corporate seminars with Segways®. In 2019 Wheels and ways was born.

Favorite film: “Le cave se rebiffe”, by Gilles Grangier on a screenplay by Michel Audiard, Gilles Grangier and Albert Simonin

Favorite song: “the House of the rising sun”, by Nina Simone

Quote (of the moment): “my son, always be early… so that in the worst case, you will be on time! ” (Florian’s grandfather)


Alois has a Master’s degree in history and is fluent in English. He helps script the Wheels and Ways tours, ensuring the accuracy of the anecdotes that will be shared with you.

Aloïs fluently speaks : French and English

Favorite movie: “La Grande Vadrouille”, by Gérard Oury (very famous French comedy)

Favorite song: “Bittersweet symphony”, The Verve

Quotation : “Rien ne sert de courir il faut partir à point“, we could translate by “There is no point in running you have to start on time”


Ivan is a guide-lecturer who has followed a classical academic training (history and art history). Ivan is a real lover of Paris, his hometown. He conceives guided tours as a real moment of exchange and transmission.

Ivan fluently speaks : French, English and Spanish

Favorite film: “La cité de Dieu” by Fernando Meirelles et Katia Lund.

Favorite song: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Quote : “Choose a job that you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life” Confucius

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