Paris Street Art, a museum around the corner!

This Street Art walking city tour will make you feel like experts... in more than an hour !

What’s Street Art? How does it express itself ? From tagging to mural painting, come and learn about this sensational form of urban expression with a local guide who will walk with you over an hour!

Most of the walk takes place on Boulevard Vincent Auriol, staged by the scenic line 6 of the Paris metro. Invader, Seth and Obey present their works of art in open air. Under the guidance of your guide, you’ll learn a little more about the symbolism of street art.

From monumental frescoes to intimate tags, you’ll become experts in Parisian urban art. This educational tour does not require any previous knowledge, and will give you the keys to recognize the work of your favorite urban artist anywhere in the world…

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⚠️During the PARIS 2024 Olympic Games, the route and time of the tour may be changed at the last minute. We will keep you informed of any changes as soon as possible.


The tour in details

Details of the tour

Welcoming the group

Step 1

What’s Street Art ?

After being introduced to the Street Art’s history, what’s better than observation to better understand this specific artistic form?… let’s go !

Step 1

Step 2


We start the visit with a mural artwork. Could you recognize the character ?

Step 2

Step 3


We keep going until another mural realization made by Inti. Thanks to his peruvian influences, the artist questions our cultural knowledges to personally read this artwork. 

Step 3

Step 4


Few meters away, Conor Harrington challenges the public with a art-reading with our emotions

Step 4

Step 5


We stay under the guidance of our emotions, precisely about our anxieties with Pantonio, an artist who uses animals representations to spread his message 

Step 5

Step 6


At the end of the street, the world-famous Obey welcomes the curious people. You can easily remind his style with his use of red and black. 

Step 6

Step 7


If you’re interested with illusions, you will enjoy the breathtaking Seth‘s anamorphosis 

Step 7

Step 8


D-Face draws on this facade his interpretation of missing someone. Through a style inspired by comics, the artist goes deeper with his emotional feelings. 

Step 8

Step 9

Add Fuel

Let’s get close to this building, don’t you see some strange drawings ? 

Step 9

Step 10

A museum at the crossroad

Obey, D-Face, C215… This crossroad is iconic and full with different styles and artworks. Next to the Joan of Arc street, let’s hear the story of this landscape. 

Step 10

Step 11

Is Street Art only painting ?

Let’s finish this tour with an other way to express your art, perhaps this will inspire you ?

Step 11

A walking city tour in Paris

… it’s also :

A visit in Paris with friends or family, 

A cultural experience with the discovery of other districts, 

An original activity to do in Paris on a holiday or weekend (Wheels and Ways is open all year round!).

It’s a way to take your time! Our tours are also designed to be as short as possible, to suit all ages. Our timetables are designed to allow you to enjoy the life of the neighborhood with a Parisian.

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