Gift voucher (Christmas, birthday…)

Gift voucher valid during 2 years* for all Wheels and Ways services

With our gift vouchers, you can buy on our website :

    • Segway tours in Paris
    • Eiffel Tower tickets
    • Package offers (Segway + Eiffel Tickets ; Segway + Paris Bus Hop on Hop Off…)

*From the date you choose when buying your gift voucher.

Why would i buy a gift voucher ?

Many reasons could justify to buy a gift voucher (:-) !)

The perfect gift for a friend who plans to come to Paris ! You share your passion for Segway and you enable her/him to visit the city efficiently with fun !

As a birthday present or for Christmas, to a relative who also plans to come to Paris for holidays !

For a fun stag or hen party in Paris !

How to book your Gift Voucher ?

1) You see on the website you want to offer (a segway tour in Paris, an eiffel tower ticket…)

2) Accordingly to what you want to offer you adjust the amount of your gift voucher (here below) and you carry on your purchase

3) during the purchase process, fill “order note” cell of the text you want be shown on your gift voucher.

4) Once the purchase validated, we e-mail you your gift voucher with its dedicated activation code.

Example of Gift Voucher "process"

1) You want to offer the Amazing Paris Segway tour for two adults. The tour costs 118€ (2×59€)

2) On the Wheels and Ways voucher page you select 59€ twice and then you follow the purchase process.

3) you fill the “order note” cell with your text (let’s say : “Enjoy the tour and merry Christmas. Your auntie.”)

4) Once the order validated, you receive your gift voucher with its dedicated code « xyzauntie007»

5) You transmit the gift voucher to  the “choosen ones”. The dedicated code on the voucher will enable them to to book the tour whenever they want on the website. Of course, Wheels and Ways remains available (phone and email) for any question.

The + of Wheels and Ways gift voucher

1) if you finally want  choose another tour (let’s say the Paris Express Segway tour at 29€ / person), it’s possible and very easy because the gift voucher gives you access to the whole Wheels and Ways shop !

2) If the gift voucher is not fully  spent, the remaining money is valid 2 years from the gift voucher purchase date !

Buy your gift voucher

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