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Eiffel tower ticket

Eiffel tower ticket

Live intensely your stay in Paris ! With our e-ticket, you can go to the top of the Eiffel Tower by elevator the hour you want (it’s a time stamped ticket).

With Wheels and Ways, you can book your Eiffel Tower ticket many months in advance (up to 1 year).

Of course with your e-ticket, you don’t have to wait for a ticket at the ticket office !

Important notice : all the tickets availabilities are not on our website. If your desired time slot is not available, feel free to call or Whatsapp us (+33 7 66 89 27 49) so that we can duly check the availabilities.

The Eiffel Tower ticket: live the experience to the top !

1) Meeting point: Avenue Gustave Eiffel (between East and South entrances of the Eiffel Tower)

2) The time entrance in the Eiffel Tower is indicated on your booking. Be at the meeting point Avenue Gustave Eiffel 20 minutes before the time indicated on the voucher so that we have time to go through all the security checks. For example, if your voucher is for 2pm, plan to arrive at the meeting point at 1.40 pm.

 3) The advantages of your Eiffel Tower ticket

  • you skip the line at the ticket office
  • you go by elevator FIRST to the second floor AND THEN to the summit
  • when you come back down, you can take either the stairs or the lift to visit the first floor (not to miss) and then get back to terra firma. 
  • you can get access to Eiffel Tower’s free WiFi
  • you can get a copy of Eiffel Tower visitor guide, available at multiple locations and available in French, English, Spanish, and German! 

What to see on the Eiffel Tower second floor ?

What to see ?

On the second floor you will enjoy a view of all the parisian monuments : the Louvre, Grand Palais, the bends in the Seine, Montmartre, Invalides, Notre Dame…

There are also shops,  restaurants and a macaroon bar !

For more information on this floor, discover the official Eiffel Tower website (2nd floor)

What to see on the Eiffel Tower top floor ?

After the ascent in a glass-walled lift, you are at 276m up. 

Two floors (one open-air and one indoor) are available to enjoy the Paris view.

And if you are (very) thirsty, there is even a Champagne bar…

For more information on this floor, discover the official Eiffel Tower website (topfloor)

Don't miss the Eiffel Tower first floor

 It is a spectacular and attractive location: the transparent architecture make you experience the breath-taking drop !

See Paris beneath your feet !

For more information, discover the official Eiffel Tower website (1st Floor)

Enjoy the Eiffel Tower by Night

In winter, in France, we can enjoy Paris by Night from 5PM ! So do not hesisate : enjoy the beauty of Paris at night and have a great restaurant after !

Additionnal information concerning your visit at the Eiffel Tower

Increased security measures are in place under the « Vigipirate plan ». You are advised to carefully read before coming  the conditions for visiting the tower , so that you know what you can bring and what is not admitted. There is no left-luggage facility for non-permitted items at the Eiffel Tower (wheeled suitcases, large luggage, non-folding buggies and prams, etc.).

Buy Eiffel Tower ticket to the summit by lift (first minute)

Warning about the Eiffel Tower "Skip the line" ticket

Don't overpay "Skip the line Eiffel Tower ticket". They are usual Eiffel Tower e-ticket.
Please, read here below what you need to know before to buy an Eiffel Tower ticket !

4  kinds of tickets are available to visit the Eiffel Tower:

1) By elevator to the 2nd floor

2) By elevator to the summit

3) By stairs to Second Floor

4) By stairs to Second Floor and then elevator to the summit

How to buy Eiffel Tower tickets ? The 3 ways are :

1) with a 3rd part (like Wheels and Ways). Then you buy an e-time-stamped-ticket (for a dedicated day and entrance time)

2) by yourseflt, through the Official Eiffel Tower website. Then you buy a e-time-stamped-ticket

3) by yourself, on the Esplanade of the Eiffel Tower, the day of your visit. Then you buy a ticket at the Eiffel Tower ticket office for an immediate entrance

The 3 last things to know about Eiffel Tower ticket purchase:

1) E-tickets (bought online) are only the following :  Elevator to the 2nd floor and Elevator to the summit

2) If you go to the Eiffel Tower esplanade for an entrance the same day, usually the 4 kinds of tickets are available, but it’s (obviously!) not sure and you have to queue to the ticket office to buy your tickets.

3) Buying an E-ticket in advance enables you to skip the ticket office line (which is very useful) and to choose in advance your time entrance. BUT the E-Ticket will NEVER make you skip the security check line and the elevator line. SUCH A “SKIP THE LINE TICKET” DOES NOT EXIST. DON’T BE FOOLED AND DON’T PAY OVERPRICED “SKIP THE LINE” TICKETS !

Price list (for tickets on EIFFEL TOWER WEBSITE)

Where to buy Eiffel Tower ticket

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